Labor Coordinator

November 15, 2023

Job Description

Job title: Labor Coordinator

Company: Christie Lites

Job description: Job Description:

Christie Lites is singularly focused on stage lighting with a mission to be the highest-value provider of stage lighting services and technical expertise in the global marketplace. We have reached a leadership position in our industry by delivering excellent service and unmatched value to our clients since our start in 1985 and have various locations worldwide.

The crew we book for our clients is just as important as the lighting equipment we send. We are searching for a forward-thinking, organized individual who can clearly communicate, identify, allocate, and confirm the right crew for each assignment and ensure all logistics are carefully met from start to finish.

In this role within the Labor Department, you will play a key supporting part for the account rep and project managers working on behalf of our clients.


1. Follows processes and procedures outlined in the Labor Coordinator flowcharts.

Follows processes and procedures outlined in the Labor Coordinator flowcharts. You can improve as a labor coordinator by following the processes and procedures outlined in the labor coordinator flowcharts Make sure to always use the most current version of the flowcharts and follow the processes without exception. If you have any questions or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for changes, make sure to notify your supervisor. By doing these things. you can become a more efficient and effective labor coordinator.

2. Reviews incoming labor requests.

As the labor coordinator, it is your responsibility to thoroughly review all incoming labor requests. In order to ensure the best possible outcome, you carefully consider each request and forward those to my supervisor which require additional review or responsibility beyond your comfort level. Additionally, you decline any requests that fall outside the scope of my department and ensure that all expenditures align with approved spending limits. Finally, you confirm receipt of each labor request and collect any missing details before proceeding, to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

3. Books technicians.

As a labor coordinator, you will be responsible for booking technicians for your shows. Your role will involve coordinating and scheduling show technicians, ensuring that they have all the necessary details to fulfill job requirements successfully. You will need to communicate with the PM on behalf of the labor requested and confirm all necessary details. You should also document agreed-upon labor, rates, travel, and additional details via data entry in your technician database. Your job will require arranging per dies and B-1 letters as required. You will need to contact technicians to confirm their availability and rates for the duration of the job. It is important to ensure that the technician has the relevant skills to manage the position they are being hired for properly. Once the technician is hired, you will need to execute a Crew Assignment for them to sign that agrees to rates and dates for the job. Finally, you should ensure all rate lines are entered in Nexus for proper payment.

4. Ensures timely payment for technicians.

To ensure timely payment for your technicians, you must reconcile their invoicing and provide the appropriate information to payroll for processing/payment. You should also process any expenses submitted by your technicians by acquiring approvals, assigning costs to the appropriate shows, and submitting them to accounting for processing/payment. If applicable, ensure that the project was submitted to Mertz in a timely fashion. Before issuing payment, have your Rep sign off on all rate lines, and ensure that any expenses have applicable receipts for review and processing. Finally, make sure that your technicians submit their hours or invoices prior to approving the final payment.

5. Manages technician relationships.

As a labor coordinator, you need to manage technician relationships effectively. This involves creating a new profile for each technician in Nexus and ensuring that all their relevant contact information is included. Make sure that the positions they want to be called for are properly updated in Nexus, and have the new technician ranked by the relevant techs to assess their skill levels for future jobs. Also, keep the technician information up-to-date when they reach out for changes and document any failures in their performance. By doing so, you can ensure that your technician relationships are maintained and managed in the best possible way.

Nice to have:

  • Industry knowledge and experience working with light events.
  • Experience working with the freelance crew.

Professional Attributes

  • Computer skills – MS Office, Excel, Word, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Zoom.
  • Data analysis.
  • Creative problem-solving.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Reliable customer service.

Personal Attributes

  • Self-motivated, ability to set and meet goals.
  • Strong organizational, forward planning, and decision-making skills.
  • Communication, with a passion for collaboration over confrontation.
  • Quality conscious, and team results driven.
  • Excel at multi-tasking and adapting.

Expected salary:

Location: Coventry

Job date: Wed, 18 Oct 2023 07:34:42 GMT

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